30 days of Emacs – Day 2

Today was all about setting up Emacs for OCaml development.


Tuareg seem to be the goto package for OCaml development. Installing it was easy enough.

;; Enable Tuareg (Emacs OCaml mode).
;; See https://github.com/ocaml/tuareg
(use-package tuareg
  :defer t)

Unfortunately, I ran into some issues that needed fixing. The $PATH I had configured in my shell didn't match the environment the Emacs knew about. Emacs couldn't locate asdf binaries, nor my opam binaries.

Thankfully, I found the excellent exec-path-from-shell package that sorted this out.

;; Enable exec-path-from-shell (Make Emacs use the $PATH set up by the user's shell)
;; See https://github.com/purcell/exec-path-from-shell
(use-package exec-path-from-shell
  :if (memq window-system '(mac ns))


Merlin is an editor service that provides modern IDE features for OCaml. It was super easy to setup.

(use-package merlin
  :hook (tuareg-mode . merlin-mode))

This will enable merlin-mode whenever the tuareg-mode-hook was called.


ocp-indent is an indentation tool for OCaml. It comes with support for Emacs out of the box. Setting it up was as easy as setting up Merlin.

(use-package ocp-indent
  :hook (tuareg-mode . ocp-setup-indent)))