30 days of Emacs – Day 3 & 4

My Emacs adventures continue. Didn't spend a lot of time at the keyboard this weekend, but I did setup fido mode.

Fido Mode

By default, Emacs uses Icomplete as a convenient way to quickly select an element among the possible completions in a minibuffer. An alternative to Icomplete mode is Fido mode. This is very similar to Icomplete mode, but retains some functionality from a popular extension called Ido mode (in fact the name is derived from “Fake Ido”). Enabling fido-mode was easy.

;; Enable fido mode
;; An enhanced `icomplete-mode' that emulates `ido-mode'.
(fido-mode 1)

By default, completions are displayed horizontally. Unfortunately, there isn't a built-in way to change the direction yet. Thankfully, there's an extension called icomplete-vertical that we can use instead.

;; Enable icomplete-vertical (Global Emacs minor mode to display icomplete candidates vertically)
;; See https://github.com/oantolin/icomplete-vertical#installation-and-usage
(use-package icomplete-vertical
  :hook (icomplete-minibuffer-setup . icomplete-vertical-mode))

Since Fido mode is based on Icomplete mode, no further setup is needed.